Welcome to “dog training with a brain”.  My name is Kym and I am a certified dog trainer and the owner of a training company called “Dogosophy”.   “What”, you ask, “is Dogosophy?”  It is a system of principals to teach people how to think like a dog!  If we can learn why dogs behave the way they do, we can find ways to work with their natural behaviors and work them to our advantage!

Training, using your dog’s brain helps keep Fido mentally stimulated, less anxious and generally happier.  Dog training should never require the use of pain, fear or intimidation Working with your dog allows one to create a relationship built on trust and companionship.

This blog will help dog guardians see the world through the eyes of my three dogs…how we train, how we play, how we relate, and most importantly how we live dogosophically.


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